ChinnyVision Pens


As Pauline from The League Of Gentleman once said "Pens are your friends". And these metal pens encased in soft touch plastic in Amstrad CPC startup blue (ink 1) are just the ticket. The ChinnyVision logo is etched into the plastic coating by laser. Yes I said laser. This sound dangerously exciting I'm sure you'll agree.

Alan Sugar himself would probably be proud to own such a pen. And with black ink you can use them to sign official documents, such as buying up your rival companies or ordering components for a successful line of games consoles.

By ordering such a pen you will be supporting ChinnyVision. I'll level with you, I know these aren't cheap but they weren't cheap to get made. It was either a cheap plastic pen or something nice. I chose nice. All the advantages of a metal pen with the soft touch feel of a brand new Amstrad Penpad (no guarantee that in Space Year 2039 the coating won't have turned to gloop, but we'll all probably be dead by then anyway)

So order today and about £1.70 goes back into the channel (pen costs, postage costs, fees, etc). Order 2 and you get a big discount. For more you'll have to contact me. Prices below, and remember that includes delivery. Which is about 25% of the cost! 


High quality metal pens. Black ink. Soft touch rubber coating in blue with laser etched ChinnyVision logo.

All prices INCLUDE postage

£4.99 UK

£5.99 Europe

£6.99 World

There are also options to order two at once at a big discount.

ChinnyVision Pens



For quantities other than stated below, contact me. Any complaints about the prices, sorry! But what money is left over (about 35%) goes back into the channel. 


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